Eight-wheel Yegorov-style long-distance couchette car of 20.2 metres


The standard Soviet couchette car ( ́platzkart ́) was built at the Leningrad Yegorov factory in 1940. It was later used as a living van (PMS 08) of a track maintenance unit, which is why most of its original interior hasn ́t been preserved and the roof of the former couchette car is missing its original ventilators. The last number of that car was 01404, given by Estonian Railways. On December 20, 1997, it was transported from Tallinn to Haapsalu to be exhibited at the Estonian Railway Museum. Initially, this hard seat car contained 46 berths and 61 seats (later up to 86) along with an independent water heating system (it had a boiler). There was a toilet on both ends of the couchette car and a boiler room on one end. The car still has its original hand brake. The original tare weight of the car was 42–44 tonnes.