Track motor carAGMu-2274


The AGMu-2274 (АГМу-2274, АГМу = автодрезина грузовая монтажная универсальная) is a track motor car designed for track maintenance and used for transporting trackmen and materials for railway superstructures. The vehicle has a 360° rotable console crane for loading and unloading materials with maximum load lifting capacity of 1 tonne. The four-wheel track motor car was completed on July 28, 1956 at the North Caucasian Tikhoretsk Works. In Estonia, it was used by the Track Maintenance Unit No. 89 and later by the Tartu Railway Communication Department. The Railway and Communications Museum added this to their collection on March 2, 2017.Track motor cars of this type were produced in the USSR since 1949. The track motor car had a ZIL-120 (later also KAZ-120) petrol engine of 95 hp. Its speed limit was 65 km/h and its operating weight a little over 10 tonnes. The draisine could hold three passengers and it had to be operated by a driver and his or her assistant.